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Our story through time... and through a little piece of dough.

The Portokalidis Family is a modern Greek food company, with many years of experience in the frozen pastry industry. In 2011, our people's passion for new ideas and innovations became a reality. Our starting point was our vision to produce authentic Greek products, combined with the knowledge and technical know-how of handmade and traditional pastry.

Our headquarters are in Thessaloniki's Industrial Area, with state-of-the-art facilities that meet European standards.

We have created a branch network in Greece's major urban centres such as Athens, Crete, Kavala, Larissa and Ioannina, to distribute its products daily to its own people.

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With Respect to Tradition

In each of our recipes, we offer high quality
products that follow the latest trends in the industry
and use pure, traditional ingredients.

"Smart" Products

Our constantly growing clientele keeps making us better and better. Creating products that facilitate the daily practice of every professional is our main philosophy.

Top Services

Proper service to you, is our top priority. We stand by you 24/7, all over Greece and abroad.